Is this real?

In Oklahoma a state representative wanted to enact a law that would make it illegal for a woman to get an abortion without her sexual partner’s consent. Is this real? A woman has the right to her own body! PERIOD. I do not agree with this state representative and find it extremely ridiculous. Although there are exception if the woman was a victim of rape or incest it is still completely unfair. A woman should not have to carry a fetus in her body if she does not want it. A woman should not have to go through the extreme pains and discomforts of holding a fetus in her body if she does not want to. A woman should federally have the right to abortion without any legal action, a woman should not have to question or answer to anyone if she chooses to not have the baby in her body. Planned Parenthood is an amazing program that provides woman and men the ability to save their lives. Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive health services that can insure a quality life for a person. I thank organizations like Planned Parenthood for the many times it has helped me and helped the people that I love. Without the organization I have friends that would have has to undergo unwanted pregnancies, most likely drop out of school and would not be able to fulfill their life goals. Planned Parenthood also does an excellent job at helping our community become more aware of STD’s, and they also give away free condoms and educational pamphlets. It has been a big debate and fight to whether Planned Parenthood should exist or not, and I believe this debate is flat out stupid. If our government decided to eradicate programs like Planned Parenthood we are going to see an increase in STD’s, teen pregnancy, and people performing unsafe abortions which could lead to death among young woman.