Legislation of Morality

“People with low incomes and communities of color are two groups that have historically faced systemic barriers in accessing quality health care, are less likely to have health insurance, and who benefit most from these protections.” Once again the conservative movement and anti-abortion rights activists are attempting to legislate morality. It appears that they always want less government with the exceptions of military complex expansion and issues of morality. They constantly want to get in our bedrooms when it comes to moral and ethical issues. History has shown that restricting the rights of a woman to choose is devastating on economical, social and health concerns.   It is never surprising when we ask these legislators what they would do if their daughter had an unwanted pregnancy….oh yes, they don’t have to worry about federal funding like the millions of low income women in this situation. We are now going backwards as we usually do when we allow the very few to make decisions for the masses. The concept of requiring a man to be notified as a “host” before an abortion is another misguided approach to the problem. ” In biology, a host is an organism that harbors a parasitic, a mutual, or a commensurable symbiotic, typically providing nourishment and shelter.” A host really at a party…what in the world is this congressman talking about…moral legislation as usual from the conservative right. Less government with the exception of your bedroom.

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