Any form of sexual harassment should be stopped and punish and the advancement of tools to track such crime is fantastic. HarassMap is a very good idea to stop instances of violence and harassment of women in certain areas. While the campaign begins in Egypt, the concept can very well be adopted into the United States because the issue of sexual harassment is pretty bad too. The ability to use a tool like this could spark a social movement to spread awareness of not only the issue itself, but the availability of such an instrument to help track the crime. The idea of crowdsourcing witnesses is brilliant as the communities will grow bigger into stopping harassment under any circumstances. The prime goal is stopping sexual assaulters from running away and committing further damage to our communities. I also believe the idea of working collectively as a community promotes the sense of identity as a whole group of people. The potential of HarassMap is that it would bring more attention to this horrible issue and it will also give others the accessibility to work against it. It’s funny because most people understand the severity of this problem in our society yet, we don’t even know how many people are trying to take a stance against it. When Brock Turner got caught for raping an unconscious woman on his school campus, I wondered if he would’ve gotten a more justified punishment if HarassMap were to be around during his trial. Especially since only three months in jail is way too little of a punishment for such a major misdemeanor. I hope this project becomes bigger than ever so harassment and violence can be reduced to an all time low.

One thought on “Exposed

  1. I absolutely love the idea of this being introduced to the United States and especially on college campuses. For too long we’ve had a culture of that blames and shames victims. We’ve taught our women that if they don’t want to be sexually harassed then they should mind what they wear. If they don’t want to be attacked then they shouldn’t walk the streets at night. We’ve taught women how to avoid being raped when we should be teaching men to not rape women and that in itself is one of our society’s biggest flaws. Introducing tools like HarassMap to college campuses would not only create a unified front between women and their allies against sexual abuse, but it would open up a dialogue between oppressors and the oppressed. It could reframe the debate. It could bring real testimonials, real emotions, real experiences, real people to light. In doing this it would destroy the rape culture on college campuses. The after that predators feel would be abolished. Victims and their allies could find strength in themselves much like those in Egypt did.


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