Planned Parenthood

I’ve known about planned parenthood for years now but I never took the time to actually know what it’s about. This was the first time going on their website and seeing all the ways they help and spread awareness. For instance, they had pages on things like how to better your relationship and a page on body image. Planned Parenthood understands the focus can’t solely be on abortions.They’re trying to avoid abortions through awareness and protection. They understand having an abortion can be so emotionally stressful and if they could help someone avoid that through understanding how to have safe sex then their job has been accomplished. And even then, there are things like the morning after pill for times where there was an error which is totally understandable which is why the Oklahoma representative bothered me so much. A slip up does not mean someone is irresponsible, it was an accident that someone is trying to correct it the most responsible way they know.

And just the fact that he calls them hosts is crazy. Other posts have mentioned it already but it’s just ridiculous how he can talk like this as if he knows. If a woman had to go through a man in order to decide on something truly life changing then that means something has gone wrong. It should ultimately be up to the woman in this issue. Both partners had a slip-up and the male partner should have some sort of say or at least just voice his concern.


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