One thought on “Locked Up for Wanting Freedom

  1. The long history in the world of those who provide dissent to the governments objectives always results in them being catagorized as a threat to national security. With our current climate in the world it is much easier to lock-up those that yell the loudest or those that like to provide formats for increased freedom of speech. Words have power and information provides even greater power. The suppression of information and words is a method in which governments are able to control the masses. We must explore our own sources for news, activism and knowledge. No longer can we be spoon fed by “fake news” created and manipulated in hostile White House briefings. We have been lied to too many times to accept at face value the information that streams to us online. Recalling a story on security violations by TSA a reporter was questioned where he found the information “from some light research on the internet.” The truth can often be found online although, one must sift through the mounds of crap to uncover it. Start digging and sifting!


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