The Double Edged Sword of Bloggers

The idea of a completely autonomous, free, unchecked blogger corps is an interesting double edged sword. On the one hand it is the fundamental right of human beings to not only  be able to access the internet as a public good, but to be able to post, search for, and partake in whatever they desire on the web. It is a right for the individual (and after all what is the blogger if not a private citizen free of regulations and censorship that news publications might impose on journalists?) to speak their mind and to draw from their own personal experiences to perhaps connect with or inform other individuals on the internet. That being said, a blogger corps does not carry with it the credibility of the journalist and the news publication. Just as it is unchecked in regards to censorship, it is unchecked factually. The blogger is free to publish whatever they desire. Now often times the blogger is motivated to publish content because of very real circumstances, very real injustice, very real and raw emotion. But the fact remains the same, the blogger’s content is unchecked for everything, including the truth. That being said, I think it is extremely necessary to protect the existence and the rights of blogger and the individual existence of opinion on the net just as much as it is important to protect the right of the fourth estate. The two do to have to exist in unison. The two, although both dealing in the developments of society, actually cover vastly different areas of the human condition. The news outlet can remain as the factual news source while the blogosphere becomes the source for the actual emotion the experience of the oppressed. Both remain very real, both can work together in unison to appeal to both the logos and pathos of the individual in order to inform the public, but where they divide and become different is where the blogger must be protected. The publication of personal biases may be a double edged sword but it is nonetheless a basic human right.

2 thoughts on “The Double Edged Sword of Bloggers

  1. This is very similar to what I wrote about this week. The bloggers do not get as much credibility because journalists are writing for the news, probably getting paid more. The journalists cover specific stories that their news anchors ask them to follow. Bloggers do not have any boundaries… it is the reason why they are not as protected nor do they get as much credibility. I personally would rather read blogs than watch the news or read some organized, edited story from a journalist.


  2. I get my news more from journalists than from bloggers but I feel like journalists make their way through tons of blogs and use them as sources and a foundation for the rest of us. Its like they take the most important parts of the bloggers words and contextualize it for the news. But bloggers are definitely necessary. Newspapers sometimes don’t reports what they should be reporting due to ethics or ideological stances. Bloggers can write what they want and we can choose to form our own thoughts based on their words. Also, I’m assuming bloggers play a bigger role in countries where the press is a more strict. I’m sure they try and hide their identity while sharing their experience with us so they are definitely important is sharing the truth.


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