Understanding #Blacklivesmatter

Black Lives Matter is an amazing organization that was created after the murder of Trayvon Martin. The organization goes beyond this murder, and beyond the killings of Black people by police and authority. The organization declares the lives of all Black lives along the gender spectrum, and is a tactic to rebuild the Black liberation movement. “Yet, although the movement initially addressed the killing of unarmed young black men, the women were equally committed to the rights of working people and to gender and sexual equality” (Cobb 2016). This organization, #Blacklivesmatter, uses social media to promote it’s ideas and gain followers. The organization calls attention to the way Black people are intentionally left powerless. Unfortunately, with the inauguration of President Trump, this movement and many more will have to stand up and fight for freedom and equality. “Black activists have organized in response to police brutality for decades, but part of the reason for the visibility of the current movement is the fact that such problems have persisted—and, from the public’s perspective, at least, have seemed to escalate—during the first African-American Presidency” (Cobb 2016). It is very unfortunate that these problems are more likely to get much worse with President Trump’s election into office. I am personally very scared, not just for American’s but for humanity as a whole. The organization asserts that all lives matter, not just Black lives. Black lives matter is working to combat racism, it is so important that we support movements and groups like this! In addition, we must solve our gun law problems in America. I have little hope that things will get better, but I am hoping we can fight together and stay strong.


One thought on “Understanding #Blacklivesmatter

  1. I think one of the biggest issues we have with Black Lives Matter and civil rights as a whole is the fact that people that don’t suffer from certain issues generally don’t care enough to fight for other people’s rights. Too often we see people that don’t belong to a targeted demographic not speaking up or defending the rights of others. It’s not until they’re own existence is being threatened or until the problem is thrust in front of their face that they act. The recent violence against black bodies is horrific and saddening but if any silver lining can be made out of this situation it is that we now have the technology to shed a light on the abuse. We now live in an age where everything can be accessed, where positions of authority are kept on check because eyes are every, where social media can spark a response in a matter of seconds. More people are seeing the injustice. More people that would otherwise be oblivious to it, or be unsympathetic to it have no choice but to rise and finally fight back.


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