“Not your Grandfathers Civil Rights Movement”

The Black Lives Matter movement has been one of the most prominent social movements ever witnessed by our generation within the United States. There has been mass controversy over the legitimacy and rhetoric of the movement since its beginnings, but I believe the controversy to be caused from a long stemming misunderstanding of the group in question. From what I understood from reading The New Yorker article about where the Black Lives matter movement is heading today, is that to a certain degree the movement has been hindered by bullying and personal attacks made on social media sites. I think this is expressive for how ephemeral social movements which started on social media can be, though I believe BLM has made enough of an impact to continue to push its goals.

Reading this article really made me understand how Garza’s work within the movement propelled it to such magnitude. I still do not understand however, how there is still police violence and lack of ambition to correct the ideology that perpetrates inequality among races. Especially with the rise of the new president, there has been an unfortunate excuse to now believe there is only a certain acceptable type of “American.” I think programs such as the one mentioned in the article with the Ella Baker Center to help Californians monitor and report police brutality can be applied on a national level to prevent more incidences of unnecessary violence. I also believe action should be made to demilitarize police, there are certain uses of forces that are completely unnecessary with the resources the police department has, and de-escalation tactics should be used more frequently.


One thought on ““Not your Grandfathers Civil Rights Movement”

  1. The Black Lives Matter Movement has been instrumental in bringing the struggle to the digital age. The need for change in how law enforcement, the courts and economic practices are applied unfairly to the Black Community must be fettered out by activism that exists in a new world of digital media. One would think with so many cameras that now capture every aspect of our lives that the police would feel the need to follow protocol and adhere to tools in training that would provide for better outcomes when confronted with the supposed need for force. I agree very strongly with your view that the police need to be better trained and well versed in the use of de-escalation tactics. The movement is more than a slogan it is more a cry for justice and humanization of the margins of society that have for so long felt removed from the processes and laws that are in place to protect them. Once again I would agree that some sort of monitoring program like the Ellla Baker Center would prove to be very useful in curbing and providing accountability for police actions. Until the people fight injustice and racism it will continue to rear its ugly head. Movements like the Black Lives Matter are necessary push back to the senseless propagation of these detrimental behaviors that keep our society as a whole from evolving to a higher level of co-existence. The response to this ongoing parade of police brutality and lethal knee jerk responses to Blacks in the community must be stomped out and exposed as highly immoral acts.The fight does need leaders although, maybe even more important we must stand in solidarity With great numbers…Black Lives Matter should provide information as W.E.B. Duboise did by presenting the horrible consequences that occur for a society when we live in prejudice, hate, racism and injustice. We simply can not thrive as a society when we live in an environment that is accepting of this type of behavior towards any of or fellow human beings. We are all weakened as a generation when we sit idle and allow it to keep happening. #Blacklivesmatter.


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