How do we turn it around?

The Black Lives Matter Movement and other upstart black movements have been judged as to lacking leadership. Even Oprah is noted in the text of expressing criticism for the lack of leadership. As noted in the text the concept of leadershipless social action maybe a symptom of the twitter /social media movements when in reality their are leaders of black movements as identified in the readings. These leaders have qualities that are different and have evolved from the Martin Luther King era. They are as the article states more facilitators of action and moderators that spark the group into action… more democratic and less autocratic.

The greater problem is how do we spark change among youth in cities where violence, unemployment and poverty are at an all time high. The need for work, education and opportunity are evident as tools for solving the problem. If a society has primary needs met …drugs, violence and social upheaval diminish. How do we meet our needs? More military?


3 thoughts on “How do we turn it around?

  1. I was unaware of the amount of criticism towards the BLM for lack of leadership. I agree that the leaders of these social movements, such as MLK, are more facilitators of action, and spark the groups ability to act. I do not think that these movements need more dominating leaders, it is not wrong to more democratic and less autocratic. I think that we need to step back and look at the overall social structures in our society. I do not think we need more military, that is the last thing we need.


    • My comment regarding more military was written in sarcasm, something unfortunately is not easily expressed in text media. The drive for more military has resulted in diminished dollars for social and educational improvements. Agreed the last thing we need is to expand our already booming military complex. Social change and a new approach to meeting needs within our society is the thrust of my belief. Education, awareness and more education are at the heart of significant change.


  2. I remember someone in class bringing up the statistic about how the violence is produced by other African Americans and I think the focus should start in that area. I think that violence is probably the biggest issue and BLM should take into account how detrimental it could be to African American communities. When you say work and education are tools to revitalize African American communities, I agree with you because I think those assets serve as a safe space. Being educated and having a job allows people to get their minds of drugs and away from violence which I believe is important.


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