The things Alicia Garza is doing is amazing and I feel that her work should inspire everyone, and not only of African American descent to strive for a colorblind society. Garza’s persistence to aim for criminal justice requires an effort from a very large group of people. What I found interesting in this article is that it brings up Barack Obama’s success to become the President as an African American, yet there are many parts in this country that disregard that. While there is a successful African American politician, and many more successful African Americans in general, the majority of this ethnicity faces many social issues. “People think that we’re engaged with identity politics. The truth is that we’re doing what the labor movement has always done—organizing people who are at the bottom.”( Cobb 1). 

Reading this article also makes me reflect on my life and how I was fortunate enough to grow up in a nicer city with a lot of diversity. However, there was a downside to living in the hometown I resided in. The city of Cupertino’s population was mainly Asian dominant but issues of race were not present when it came to interacting with different ethnicities. In high school, I had friends that were white , black, asian, and many more that I can’t name on the top of my head. The bad thing about growing up in that area was the social bubble that I felt like I was trapped in. In a sense, this bubble was more of a safe space if anything. The bad thing about living in a “bubble” or a “safe space” is that you don’t learn or know about a lot of the things that happen outside the bubble. For instance, I wouldn’t know about the social movements and issues that the Black Lives Matter movement is working on. Cupertino was a city filled with millennials that worried about academics, future jobs, and pretty much money in the end of it. I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to worry about these things, but there a lot of issues in life that should be addressed or at least known.


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