Tools for Activism

The power of the internet is explained in Herrera’s article. Being able to browse and stay online not only allows people to connect to each other, but also allows ease in collaborative efforts such as activism. Herrera explains the power of togetherness that is obtainable through social media by introducing to us the Middle East and North Africa youth. The MENA youth was able to find these media outlets in order for their voices to be heard amongst other Middle Eastern and African citizens. The ability to bring people together promoted a sense of community and a greater idea of what the government is actually doing.

Herrera talks about Mona who was able to utilize the internet to learn about different cultures and people around the world despite her poor English. “For Mona, chat rooms provided an opportunity to talk about and spread Islam, to broaden her social circles, and to seek out contrary positions in order to form her own opinions about important issues of the day” (Herrera 341) This last quote really resided with me because I feel like more and more people are doing what Mona is doing in order to spread awareness of the past and current events of different parts of the globe.

At first, many of my friends gave reactions to shocking events through Facebook and Twitter. Then, as we got older, I’ve been seeing many informational responses in the form of paragraphs, even essays on the important issues today and I’m very pleased to see all these wonderful opinions on our country and beyond. Whether or not I agree with any of the posts or comments I see on social media, I’m at least happy that more people are starting to care about the world in a different degree. An interesting question that I came up with while reading the article is, “how does this cultural change of utilizing social media affect our views on politics/social activism?”


2 thoughts on “Tools for Activism

  1. I totally agree with what you say about the beauty of seeing more people taking an interest in social issues through the ease of social media. I think it’s also important to note that with the introduction of social media and the internet, we no longer need to rely solely on the government or specific media outlets to get our news. These sources can have obvious biases and in some cases would even want to monitor and censor what you read. The advent of social media allows the masses to obtain information straight from the source much like Mona has done.


  2. In regards to your question on how social media changes out political and social views made me think of trying to be more concise with them. Of course, there are people now writing paragraphs and essay-like posts, but there are also those who try and be as concise with their posts on twitter which have a character limit which I think is interesting. I’ll admit that my attention span is a bit short online. I’ll read the title of an article and a few comments and think I know enough when it’s not the case. But there are certain issues where I end up doing a lot more research that usually stems off a quick tweet.


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