Digital Education Evolution

The Harvard Educational Review provided some insight as to the wired members of this global generation. Are they achieving “actuality” as identified by Mannheim in the text? There seems to be this approach to digital media that is critical in leaning towards a quick analysis as it if it is working to create  real political and social change. These movements are so complicated that I suggest it is evolution …the civil rights movement and woman’s rights movements are still in motion we would be remiss to study them as having achieved “actuality”. Clearly, any real chang socially and politically requires steps that could take decades or centuries ,sadly. This is the part of the process that is difficult for a generation wired with the speed and interactive power of digital media.

The opening frontiers and cultural revolutions phases point to the speed with which knowledge and cultural/ political insight are gained. Although, very impressive as a tool, in real world as opposed to digital time the impacts of revolution are much more constricted. With the 180 degree change in personality identified by Haisam comes the price of    cultural imperialism, as the majority of his knowledge was based on western movies and cultural…is this a good thing?


2 thoughts on “Digital Education Evolution

  1. I think it is super important to note just how young the digital age, the internet, social media, and digital activism all really are. Like you said, social change takes time, decades, centuries even to come to actual fruition so to already be asking why social media is ineffective in establishing a leadership that progresses movements started on twitter is unfair. I think it is better, and more hopeful to understand that the vast majority of the audience that social media reaches is in fact really young. The people who are on twitter spreading awareness, voicing their hurt and their distrust and their concerns are more likely than not millennials. The fact that social revolution on platforms like these haven’t even existed for more than a decade is perfectly justifiable as to why some of these moments haven’t produced immediate results. The fact is more people than ever before are being reached. More people than ever before have the means to be informed. But the youth can only grow up so fast. Millennials can only filter into positions of real power so fast. But as time moves on, decades, centuries into the future, the youth that is being reached by social movements today, can enact change tomorrow.


  2. It is true that the speed and ease of social media is worlds apart from the actual timespan necessary to enact lasting social and political change. In regards to Haisam, the United States’ greatest export has always been cultural, and the Internet is no exception. What was more troubling was that another youth that was interviewed, Ahmed, said that depriving him of Facebook would be like “blocking the air to my lungs”. What happens when a single company has the power of delivering so much information?


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