Defeating the Past by Embracing the Future

The youth’s greatest advantage over the oppressive systems that it finds itself in, is the understanding and ability to quickly embrace new technology. The youth often lives in a separate world and the youth of today find that world in the digital realm. the young people of today who are disgruntled and unsatisfied by their governments more likely than not can find refuge in the internet. They can also find a means to fight back. Because the media is relatively new, things like social media and there outlet are dominated primarily by young users. It is here that the youth can organize to topple old institutions and practices. The youth shapes the future. The youth alone can correct the injustices of older generations.

To reduce Khaled Said to nothing more than his imperfections is incredibly irresponsible in regards to fighting the injustice that very much exist today. The same can be said when people insist that Trayvon Martin was a thug. There is absolutely no crime that could warrant the murder of unarmed civilians by veteran police officers who are trained specifically to detain not kill. Especially not when much of the socio-economic factors that push individuals into tough lifestyles are created by the forces that so eagerly label them as “thugs” and “hoodlums”.  To accuse individuals of wrong doings as some sort of justification for their murder is to brush away and hide the actual fact that women, minorities, and other groups face very real oppression.

The beautiful thing about the We Are all Khaled Said movement is that it is not the only movement. Khaled Said can stand for torture and abuse. Eric Garner can stand for unnecessary police brutality. Sandra bland can stand for the neglect, corruptness, and unfairness of the jail system. As many injustices as take place in this new age of technology, thats how many movements will pop up. WAAKS does not have to encompass every single problem but rather serve to galvanize the youth and justice seekers to take a harder look at their society and find the other problems. The WAAKS and other Egyptian youth movements may not work perfectly but they do work. Especially in a country where freedom of speech is not granted to all, that’s saying something.

In order for the youth, the generation of tomorrow, to defeat the socio-economic and political oppression of the regimes of old, they must embrace the technologies and possibility of the future. The youth must constantly look for ways to stay ahead of the curve. To reinvent itself. The youth must always adapt and continue to fight for a better world by leaving the world of yesterday. The only way to leave the world of yesterday is to live in today and tomorrow. And by fixing our todays, the yesterdays of the future become a source of pride not shame.

3 thoughts on “Defeating the Past by Embracing the Future

  1. Digital Youth,
    The importance of Social Media is often underestimated as is the power of any youth movement. The first round in the Obama election is a prime example of how the internet is able to organize and proliferate social change among youth. The control of media and the internet in countries outside of the United States…China for example and parts of the Middle East point to the understanding of Government in the power of this type of media in the hands of the disgruntled masses. Any type of social movement is successful if the masses become aware of the cause, are educated to injustices and are able to engage in change. Like most of the world change in the rapid information and connections of the internet has made the ability to exchange information and expose injustice much faster than the evening news during the times of the Civil Rights movement. Knowledge is power…power to the people.


  2. Great post! Our youth guides our future, and I agree that more and more people (youth) are using technology to express opinions and disagreements with our government. I think that naturally our youth is embracing technology with the social media revolution and the popularity of using applications such as facebook and twitter. I also agree that our youth must always look for ways to stay ahead of the curve, and I think that technology is a great tool that we can use to do that.


  3. I can definitely agree that the youth (our generation) has a keen ability to take advantage of whats “new,” or “hip” as they say, one of these of course being the internet. The abilities that social media provides such as quick and speedy communication to the masses, offers great advantages for youth-to-youth communication, but what I think we should look at other advantages that the internet offers. I believe the real power of the internet lies in its ability to educate and inform masses of people about what others are thinking. I like to think of the internet as the virtual subconscious for anyone who uses it. The only difference with the internet is that when our “subconscious” has a question, the internet can most of the time answer it. I think that leaders who suppress their citizens from educating themselves in this way fear the questions they would ask. So I absolutely agree with the fact that the youth should take advantage of technology, but rather than looking for answers we should be asking the questions.


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