Joe Stork Article

This article frames the battle for human rights around politics and how countries with more resources like Egypt and Turkey respond to this issues as a true social movement and how much is just a veil for other political intentions. Stork’s writing of Turkey drew me in more than the other countries because Erdogan has been in the news quite often with the military coup and then basically his own coup which is still going on as he rules with impunity. Stork quotes Hüsnü Öndül and writes, “We have seen a heavy legal, judicial repression rather than physical”. 14 leaders of his organization, IHD have been arrested. There was hope on putting emphasis on judges with “internalized human rights” in better positions. However, if there had been any progress on this at all it has probably been undone in the last year with reports of Erdogan and his minister removing about 500 judges. Where I begin to get hazy is with the Kurdish conflict. It seems as though the Kurdish push the human rights agenda more than Muslims. And seeing as Turkey has been in an ongoing military skirmish with the Kurds, human rights get lost in the political struggle. Exasperated is what Erdogan must be feeling. The EU influence on Turkey’s human rights organization perhaps had finally angered him to the point where he has turned to Russia even when they shot down a Turkish F16. I did some research to make sure I’m understanding as best I could and I’m wondering how much more the Western countries are going tolerate Erdogan. From what I have read assuming it is recent, having Turkey, a NATO country slowly becoming a dictatorship and increasing their alliance with Russia, while the US seems to be engaging in the opposite with Putin seems so odd. Of course, international matters like this are so complex but I’d like to know how The US and the other nations are dealing and how they will deal with Turkey, one of NATO’s oldest members.


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